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We shall believe, paying plenty of prices, whether material or spiritual, is an integral part of the path to achieve great successes and to contrive sustainable businesses. We should acknowledge, if our ambitions become integrated with our little knowledge, if we would have made our decisions unknowingly wrong, and if we trust just to achieve an overnight profit, we are convicted to defeat!

However, if there will be passion and hope behind those defeats and if we entwine our experiences with our precious failures, we would catch nothing but success.

Although, there are still many challenges to be passed and many ways to be gone through, we are scrambling through them, relentlessly.

what makes Adak different is that We do not lie whatsoever. We respect other’s rights and most importantly, we work transparently...

Be with us if you are so.

MohammadAli Lolachi


About Us

Adakk International Trading Co. was founded in 2015 with the aim of strengthening trade channels between Iran and the CIS countries, in particular the Russian Federation

This company, first of all, started its activity by exporting fruits and vegetables to Russia, which brought an almost terrible disappointment! However, our first sales experience in the Russian market taught us that the business chain in some countries can be more complex than in others. It was while we had to more

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