Adakk Group offers a vast variety of opportunities for both investors and producers. Based on your interests and expectation of return on your investment, Adakk proposes several cooperation plans. In addition, there are several fields of investment and cooperation in which you can choose whether you want to participate in a high-risk or a low-risk plan. These fields are as below:

Cooperation in commercial activities (Export and import)

Adakk group having sufficient experience in developing business in foreign countries, offers producers and investors a chance to break new grounds in their business by getting engaged in a disciplined systematic work-flow. If you are an investor, a relatively safe investment is offered and if you are a producer of a specific product you are able to think about expanding your business and enter to a new market. Countries that we provide services in are Russian Federation and other CIS countries.

Foreign Sales and Marketing

What differentiates Adakk from other companies in Iran is that we have several registered companies in Russia and some other CIS countries. Such infrastructures make us able to provide marketing and selling services abroad. For those producers who have a specific product with a competitive quality to sell, might find our plans for marketing and advertisement in foreign countries interesting.

Investment on Financial Markets

Barely a company can claim to have a successful business if it is not actively invest on financial markets. nowadays, business sustainability and risk adjustment without such investments would not be possible, whatsoever. Adakk, therefore, actively invests and trades in 4 distinct markets namely, TSE (Tehran Stock Exchange), MOEX (Moscow exchange), FOREX (Foreign Exchange) and Cryptocurrencies markets.