In recent years, Feed barley has become one of the most required commodities in Iran. Increasingly prevalent demand of this specific kind of barley has risen the share of import in market so that there are more feed barley from import than feed barley supplied from the local production. The vast majority of feed barley is imported from three main countries namely: Russia, Brazil and Kazakhstan. Among these three countries, Russia produces feed barley with the highest quality in comply with GOST standard (specific standard system in Russian federation).

Adakk group imports thousands of tons of feed barley annually which it’s considered as a significant share in the local market


According to the GOST-8486-86 following specification for feed barley is required:

  • Protein: Min. 12%
  • Moisture content: Max. 14%
  • Test weight: Min. 60 kilo gram per hector litter

If you are a wholesaler of feed barely or if feed barley is required for your business, you must be aware of the exact specification of feed barley. There barriers on the path of importing such products to Iran that without be aware of them, import would be neither lucrative nor affordable. We suggest you to join an expert who knows how to remove these barriers and had ample experience to cope with difficulties.