Russia is the largest country in the world whereas geographical location and special latitude of this vast country offers a huge potential of production of a vast variety of woods with different characteristics. Some are strength enough to contrive a house on it and some are flexible which make creating a piece-of-the-art furniture possible. These reasons along with some others simply justify Russia being the second-biggest wood producer in the world sitting just behind the Canada in the rank table. On the other hand, demand for different types of woods is increasing in Iran so that local production can no longer be enough. Also, as long as the prices and qualities are competitive, importing wood products might be a good approach as it helps us maintain our forests and save our trees.

If you are a wholesaler of wood in Iran, First and foremost, choosing the exact type of the wood which suits your requirements depends on hundreds if not thousands of factors. In addition, finding the best place in which your required wood would be found might be impossible for a foreigner. On the other hand, weather issues are definitely overlooked for foreigners who are aiming to find a supplier. Weather can be unbearable in some regions where you may experience -35 degrees of temperature in some days of the year!

Most importantly, you must meet many requirements if you are aiming to do business with Russian companies. As a foreigner, if you already didn’t consider tax, VAT and banking issues or if you don’t own a Russia-registered company with a considerable turnover, your business might be neither lucrative nor long-lasting with them. Simply put, it is nearly impossible for a foreigner to purchase wood directly from a wood producer in Russia.

Now, if I succeed in make you give up the idea of purchasing wood directly from the producer, let’s have a look on some technical factors during this process.

Regardless of how difficult purchasing woods from the Russia might be, Choosing the right way to import woods to Iran is important as it can change your marginal profit and throw you in a trouble!

Choosing routes highly depends on the quantity of woods you are going to import and place in which you are supplying your goods. In general, however, there are two routes available for this purpose: first: through land, which it requires your cargo to be passed through Azerbayjan and be delivered in Astra- Iran. Second: through Caspian Sea. Which your cargo will be loaded at Astrakhan- Russia and then will be unloaded in any ports in north of Iran namely, Anzali, Nowshahr or Amir- Abad.

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