Import to Iran


Whenever we talk about import, one simple question is prompted: where your destination country would be?!

Every single part of the operation might be different in accordance with country in which you supposed to Import. In Iran, for example, workflow of import highly depends on type and code of product which you are going to import. In general, however, you need to register your order in a particular system in order to take necessary permissions. In Iran, despite of many countries, Performa Invoices are necessary documents to start import operation in Iran. You need to upload Performa invoice of your seller in the system ( once your performa approved, you will be given a code named “order registration number” which allows you to import your intended product to Iran. Without this code, import to Iran might be neither logical nor possible. In fact, this code demonstrates that ministry of industry, mines and trades has completely approved your company and the product that you are going to import.

Now, Having gotten Order registration number, you may ask your correspondent bank in Iran to denominate you with the required currency that you are obliged to pay to your seller. for example, if you are going to transfer money to the account of your seller in Chinese yuan, you will give its equivalent in Iranian Rial to your bank, and then your bank will buy the same amount you needed from Central bank, so that you can transfer money to Chinese seller. this cycle of work might be unique in the world, because Iran is under sanction and such restrictions differentiate Iran from any other countries in term of banking issues.

as soon as you transferred money to your nominated company abroad, you will be given 6 months to provide bank with your import documents including Bill of lading, certificate of origin, Invoice and packing list issued by your seller.

there are strict rules in terms of any violation in providing import documents or returning taken money back. Those who refuse to submit required documents to their bank during 6 months, would be convicted as currency smuggllers. Therefore, I recommend that do not transfer money until you made sure that all operation will be done as fast as possible.

Having passed all these barriers, customs clearances will not be too difficult. If you already paid your debt to your seller, customs affairs in Iran would be more easier than many other countries.

I hope this article about import to Iran be helpful for those interested in import to Iran. Anyway, we also offer you to work with an Iranian company which already knows all tips and tricks of import to Iran.