Sales & Marketing

Marketing is the first principle in exporting goods. Understanding the foreign market, examining the needs and ways to penetrate it, reviewing the official statistics of the relevant country and obtaining complete information from buyers and inquiring about the services they provide, are among the things that Adak Trading Group does in targeted marketing.

  • Carrying out initial market research and research on suppliers and their sales conditions
  • Obtaining initial technical and financial recommendations and presenting them to the customer along with providing a summary of quality evaluation of suppliers
  • Receive a sample of the desired product or coordinate a face-to-face visit at the customer's request for comparison, evaluation and decision making to choose Suitable supplier
  • Obtaining the final pre-invoice after bargaining regarding the price and purchase conditions according to the customer's preferred priorities and finally its approval by them
  • Arranging and concluding a contract under the supervision of the company's lawyers in accordance with the domestic laws of the country of origin